Friday, July 29, 2011

Signature Wire Wrapped Studs Real Life Photos

So one of the most FAQs I get is "How do the petite and regular studs compare in the ear?", this blog post is to specifically answer that question!! I personally love wearing both sizes and now have a hard time deciding to wear any other earrings (I guess since they are my own creation this is not too surprising, wearing the earrings is the best free advertisement!). Here are pics of the regular size elegance collection studs...

This picture is from my trip to Montreal (a mini vaca with the bf/a school related trip to learn a few new techniques). The studs I am wearing are available here: Elegance Collection- Mauve

And here are a couple pictures of the petite studs in ear...

 This pic is also from my Montreal trip (gotta have a pair to match every outfit!). These petite studs are available here: Petite- Love in the Garden Series

This pic is from my sister after I sent her a pair of studs (and a ring) for her birthday, these are the petite size and shows how they look with earrings in the second ear piercing. These studs are available here: Petite- Diamond in the Wire Series

I hope this helps everyone decide on which size studs they would prefer!! Although I hope you all buy a few pairs of both sizes :) And if you have any pictures of yourself wearing my studs, email them to me and I will create a few blog posts with customers and their studs!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New to the shop: Leather Beaded Wrap Bracelets

Recently I got a request to make bracelets to match my stud earrings for a bridesmaid order. After much though and research about what kind of bracelets people like and what would be a great way to customize bracelets to match any pair of studs in my shop, I decided to start introducing leather wrap bracelets into my shop!

This picture shows the first bracelets I made for a customer, the pink bracelets are for the bridesmaids and were made to match the Dark to Light Series Petite Pink Studs and the pearl bracelet is for the bride and was made to match the Elegance Collection- Cream Pearl studs

So in the next few weeks I will introduce single and double wrap bracelets to match each pair of studs in my shop, starting with the most popular pairs first. The closures for each bracelet will be a hammered sterling silver, brass or copper button. Soon to come: diamond in the wire series bracelets!

Let me know if you have any custom requests before a certain color is introduced into my shop!