Friday, August 5, 2011

V*Dazzled is Launched!

Awhile ago, I applied to have V*Dazzled Jewelry "freshly Launched" by the website LauchHER, which gives a boost to women owned businesses. Then a couple weeks ago I found out I got approved! Today was my feature, here is a sneak peek.....

You can view the whole feature here.

In other news...I will be heading to the Berkshires for the weekend for some fun and relaxation with my bf :) Have a great weekend everyone!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Studs at Lake Onota

Before you get excited, I don't mean hot men ;) I spend lots of time in the Berkshires (my bf lives somewhere out there :) ) and pretty much anywhere you go in the berkshire area is beautiful, much different than the Worcester area! On the weekends we usually try to go to a new place to discover the hidden beauty of the area (see the Bash Bish Falls post). Recently we took a morning trip to Lake Onota in Pittsfield, MA, it was a gorgeous day outside with bright blue skies...
The lake is 617 acres and has a bunch of large summer mansions along its shoreline! (thank you wikipedia!)
We spent a couple hours just walking along the lake (there is a public park and walking trail on one side of the lake) and got some nice fresh air and site seeing in before it got too hot outside.

Of course I wore a pair of my studs on our lake outing! This pair is the Night Blue Elegance Series. Lucky for me I have a pair for every outfit :)
When we were leaving a bunch of people were setting up to have cookouts and outdoor parties in the park, it looks like a fun place to spend a beautiful summer day!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

V*Dazzled bridesmaid sets -- Part 1

I am going to start showcasing some bridesmaid jewelry sets on my blog that have been requested by my awesome customers! (and hopefully wedding pictures, at least of the jewelry to come later!) Every part of this series I will put 2 or 3 different sets up to showcase different options for bridesmaid gift sets.

The first set of this series I had to keep secret for awhile (since a few of my very close friends were in the bridal party and the bride was also one of my closest friends) :) This bride wanted some of my ribbon necklaces and matching studs for her bridesmaids. We met a few times and came up with the white/ivory glass pearl ribbon necklaces with light blue swarovski crystal rondelles mixed in for a little bit of sparkle and finished with matching light blue silk ribbons. The matching studs were from my Elegance Collection, we used the cream color beads and they matched beautifully with the necklaces!

The end result! White and light blue ribbon necklaces and cream Elegance Studs! (I apologize for the photography, I had already packed all of my Ott HD lights before moving to a new place!)

This is me at her wedding, just wanted to include a pic b/c I am obsessed with this hat! (Nine West via Macy's)

Now the second set of bridesmaid jewelry I am showcasing today is from a customer that found me on etsy. She ordered 6 pairs of the Purple Dark to Light Series studs and wanted a little something extra for her maid of honor so she ordered one of my new leather wrap bracelets to match the studs! (I promise to have these bracelets up on my etsy site before September!) The sets look gorgeous and the bracelet matches perfectly with the studs! Check it out:

I love working with brides-to-be to come up with bridesmaid/bridal jewelry, its so fun to be part of such a special day for a customer!